Dwyane Wade's Son Is Pretty Tough Critic of His Dad's Play
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Dwyane Wade’s Son Is Pretty Tough Critic of His Dad’s Play (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, December 4, 2015
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Dwyane Wade's Son

Even after he knocked down 28 points in a win against the Thunder, Dwyane Wade was getting very little in the way of love from his son.

Dwyane Wade’s son was on-camera with his dad and a sideline reporter following the game, and even after his dad’s performance, he was a little sparing with the praise, saying, “He was aight.”

Surely, he was better than “aight.” Scoring 28 points, especially for the aged Dwyane Wade, is a pretty strong game. However, Wade said his kids were also getting on him for his lack of dunks, so maybe they’re just showing some tough love in an effort to motivate their dad to continue trying to outdo himself.

I guess you have to score over 35 and win by more than two to have a “good” game in their eyes.

Millennials, man.