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Russell Westbrook Just Starts Dunking on People During Foot Locker Ad Shoot (Videos)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, December 8, 2015
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Russell Westbrook

When you read that headline, or at least when I did, I thought that the ad would feature Russell Westbrook in a Thunder jersey, on a court, and he would just be dunking on a regulation hoop to kill time.

Nope. Not even close. The Foot Locker ad had him in street clothes, it was seemingly set in a hotel lobby, and the basket in question was a movable nerf hoop. It was so much better than I imagined!

Here’s the video of him goofing around during his down time:

And you’ll be happy to know that it didn’t affect his on-screen performance. The guy gives an Oscar-worthy effort in the final ad, which you can watch here: