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Steph Curry Supports Cam Newton for MVP

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, December 15, 2015
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Cam Newton Steph Curry

Steph Curry, being a Carolina native, has a larger-than-average stake in the success of the Panthers. He also probably watches more of their games than most, making him an authority on player assessment. So when Steph Curry says he likes Cam Newton, it makes us like Cam Newton, too.

Steph offered the following endorsement, in no uncertain terms:

“To see Cam doing what he’s doing and leading a team after all the critics basically said he’s a mediocre quarterback. As a fan, I never believed that. It’s great to see him out there playing well. He should be the MVP when it’s all said and done.”

From one MVP to, potentially, another.

Their two respective teams are heads and tails above their competition, though Golden State’s getting a LOT more respect due to their history of winning.  You can bet Cam Newton is looking to change that, though.

Hat Tip – [MMQB]

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