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Brittney Griner Says Sperm That Impregnated Glory Johnson Isn’t Hers

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Saturday, January 2, 2016


This story gets weirder and weirder by the week. The nasty divorce between Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson continues because the judge refuses to sign off on it due to Griner not proving she isn’t the legal father of Glory Johnson’s twins.

Yeah. I know, you’re facepalming right now. Welcome to 2016. Glory claims to have Griner’s agreement in writing saying she approved to be the father of her children. She says medical records will prove that it was Griner who approved her getting inseminated at the fertility clinic.

“Griner has a strong suspicion the sperm came from Glory’s ex-BF, and if that’s the case she shouldn’t have to pay Glory any support.
That’s why Griner wants to get to the bottom of things by pursuing Glory’s medical records.”
Basically, if the sperm that was used wasn’t the sperm Griner approved to use, she does not want to be those baby’s father.
“The couple decided to buy a house and have kids, so they chose a sperm donor – a blond, blue-eyed man whom Glory says Brittney hand-picked – and found a doctor in Phoenix, who then started Glory on IVF.
The two went to appointments together, and Glory has a video on her phone of Brittney referring to herself as ‘dad’ to their future kids.”
In conclusion, if the twins are black, Griner was right & she ain’t paying. If they’re blond, blue-eyed twins, time to pay up.