Andre Iguodala's Ex-Girlfriend Clayanna Warthen Wants $58K A Month In Child Support | Total Pro Sports
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Andre Iguodala’s Ex-Girlfriend Clayanna Warthen Wants $58K A Month In Child Support

by: Darrelle Lincoln On  Monday, January 4, 2016



Different athlete, same story, an ex-gf/wife wants an insane amount of child support because of course it will all be used on the child. Riiiight. Apparently Andre Iguodala has a genius child at a young age & it cost a bunch of money to maintain all this knowledge.

Clayanna Warthen — a former video vixen — claims she can’t even pay for the 6-year-old’s school expenses on the $18k a month he’s paying in child support.

According to TMZ Sports, she wants those payments raised to $58k a month, since Andre makes around $11 million a year.

In her initially complaint from 2009, Warthen says that she and Iguodala, 25, had a relationship between October 2004 — the beginning of his rookie season — until January 2009.

Even then, Warthen alleged that Iguodala had told her that he would provide “whatever she may need.”