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Brian Urlacher Has Hair Now!!! (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, January 5, 2016
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Brian Urlacher Has Hair Now

Brian Urlacher, for about a decade, was one of the most feared NFL players in the game. And that reputation was at least in part due to a huge terrifying bald head that made him look like a biker who would rip you apart. However, getting his new look didn’t come easy. He had been losing his hair since high school, and had to undergo some treatments from a hair restoration place to get those locks back since he started losing them during his teenage years.

He’s had the hair for a while, but he’s been kind of secretive about it, donning a hat when going out in public. However, he knew he made the right choice when he was (almost) recognized:

“I know I look a little better because I was going to a fancy restaurant one day, and I had my hat off by accident. I was getting food and this girl goes, ‘You look like Brian Urlacher, but he’s a lot … older-looking than you’ — this was when I had hair — she goes, ‘He looks a lot older than you.’ I was like, ‘ You’re right, thank you.’ So basically, she was telling me I look kinda young.”

Here’s one video in which he discusses his new locks:

And here’s the restoration video using him as a test case:

There’s hope for all of us. As long as we have a ton of money.