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This Patriots ‘Anthem’ Is Completely Cringeworthy and Terrible (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Wednesday, January 6, 2016
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Sure, as long as the Pats are limping into the playoffs, having lost four of their last six, you might as well make a terrible (but oddly well-produced, save for the vocals) song about them to promote yourselves, musicians.

The song is called “Champion,” naturally, and is performed by Randy Lo and Brandon Capp, two guys that you’ve never heard of before and likely won’t again any time soon.

They rap into the camera and ask dumb rhetorical questions like “Where you at?” when they know very well where I am: At my desk, snickering while I watch this video on YouTube.

Here it is:

Given the weak showing from the Pats late in the season, this is probably as fitting a tribute as should be mustered heading into the playoffs.