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Blue Jackets Fan Was Promised a Puppy if Cam Atkinson Scored Last Night… (Video and Tweets)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, January 26, 2016
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First of all, let’s talk about the type of sick parents that let the acquisition of a family pet hinge on the performance of a completely unrelated pro athlete. Get the puppy or don’t, but games like this are just weird and creepy. It’s like when a kid says their parents will stop smoking if they get 10,ooo “likes” on Facebook. Yuck.

ANYWAY, a girl was in attendance at last night’s Columbus Blue Jackets game holding up a sign saying that if No. 13 (Cam Atkinson) scored, she’d be the proud owner of a new pup. She didn’t have to wait long to realize her wish. Atkinson scored at the end of the first period…And in the second…And in the third.

That’s right.  Atkinson recorded his first career hat-trick. Here’s his performance:

This came just a day after Bobby Ryan of the Senators scored a goal to net ANOTHER fan a dog. This seems to be going around.

I doubt this means three dogs for the girl, but to commemorate this wonderful night for her, she’s already got a name picked out:

What have you gotten into, Brian? You made a decision to adopt an animal based on a how a hockey player did one night. You were BEGGING for this, buddy.