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Dog Accidentally Runs Half Marathon, Finishes 7th, Wins Medal (Pics)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, January 26, 2016
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dog accidnetally runs half marathon wins 7th place 2

When April Hamlin let her dog out on January 16, she assumed she was just going to do her business and maybe have a sniff around. But apparently the dog had other ideas.

Hamlin lives on a farm near Elkmont, Alabama, a small town of about 450 people. Her dog, a bloodhound named Ludavine, somehow wandered into the starting area of the Elkmont Half Marathon on January 16. When the starters pistol rang out and everybody started running, Ludavine ran too.

In fact, Ludavine ran the entire 13.1 mile race, finishing in seventh out of 165 runners.

“Apparently she went to the race start and took off with the runners at the starting shot,” Hamlin explained to CNN. “She stayed with a few of the front runners, ran off to sniff some animal carcasses, romp in the water, and then back to the race. I understand she stayed on the course for 13.1 miles, finished seventh, and was the highest placed female.”

Of course, Hamlin had no idea what her dog was up to. She only found out after they gave her dog a medal.

dog accidnetally runs half marathon wins 7th place

Congrats to the six people who actually beat the dog, but you know you’re lucky. If Ludavine didn’t go off to smell those dead animals, you all would have been toast.

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