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Odell Beckham’s in Hawaii for Pro Bowl, Dancing Like No One’s Watching (Video)

by: Penn Collins On  Thursday, January 28, 2016

Odell Beckham dancing

Odell Beckham may have wound down the season on a bitter note with a number of unsavory incidents taking place during and after the Panthers game, but it seems that he’s done what so many of us seek to do–visit Hawaii to dance away his problems.

The Giants star wideout actually got into a dance-off against Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. One can only assume that’s OBJ in the hoodie (because the other guys are just too big), but he’s dancing like only a wideout can.

I’m not prepared to declare a winner to this dance off with such a short clip to work with, but I will say that we’re eager to see more. This is already far more exciting than any Pro Bowl ever. Ugh.