Russell Wilson Twitter Fail: QB Uses Google to Write Romantic Twitter Poetry About Ciara (Pic)

russell wilson upgrades soldier to first class

Say you want to write something romantic about the incredibly hot woman you love, but you’re not particularly creative or well-read. What do you do?

That’s right. You consult Google. And, as it turns out, the first thing that pops up when you search for “describing a beautiful woman” is a page called Describing a Beautiful Woman that has a variety of poetic descriptions of various female features. So it’s just perfect. Unless you’re incredibly famous and you publish your plagiarized poetry on social media. In which case somebody is bound to discover it and rat you out.

Just ask Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. On Wednesday he posted a sexy photo of his famous girlfriend, Ciara, along with a poetic caption about her sweet honey lips:

Unfortunately, Wilson’s romantic tribute seemed off to Billboard editor and self-professed Seahawks fan Natalie Weiner. So she Googled them and discovered Danger Russ’ dirty little secret:

Needless to say, once the rest of Twitter got wind of Weiner’s discovery, they had a field day.

Russell tried to do some damage control later, poking fun at his lameness by being even more lame:

As you probably know, the Seahawks are owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and Bing is one of the team’s corporate sponsors.

Russ, you seem like a nice dude, but you gotta quit Twitter bro.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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