An Estimated $4.2 Billion is Expected to be Wagered on Super Bowl 50

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Every year, millions of people throughout America become football fans for a day, as they place their hard-earned money on some Super Bowl bets.  Some money will be gambled on the outcome of the game itself, and some will be on wacky props for the coin flip, national anthem, or halftime show.  Some will be legally wagered, and plenty more will be illegally wagered.

Total it all up, and the American Gaming Association is predicting that Americans will wager a total of at least $4.2-billion on Super Bowl 50 between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, only $116-million was wagered legally on last year’s big game between the Patriots and Seahawks–$3.4 million less than the amount of money legally placed on Super Bowl XLVIII between the Broncos and Seahawks.  Take those numbers into consideration and it appears as though nearly 97% of the $4.2-billion placed on Sunday’s game will be illegally wagered.

At the moment, the Panthers are 5.5-point favorites to beat the Broncos, and the Broncos are paying 2-to-1 to win the game straight-up.  The over-under is set at 45 points.

Contact your local bookie to get your plays in before game time.

Hat Tip – [LA Times]

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