NBA2K Game Developers Being Sued By Tattoo Artists (Video)


These video games are getting more realistic every single year, but being more realistic just may cost the makers of NBA2k a bunch of money. Take-Two Interactive and Visual Concepts, the developers behind the hit video game basketball series “NBA2k”, are being sued for copyright infringement due to the depiction of player tattoos on NBA2k16.

“Solid Oak Sketches filed suit on Monday in New York federal court, saying that particular tattoos depicted on players in the recent game NBA2K16 was the company’s copyrighted work.

The eight infringed-on designs include a child’s portrait and script scrolls with clouds and doves on LeBron James‘ forearms and butterflies on Kobe Bryant‘s arm.

Solid Oak Sketches got the copyrights to most of the tattoos last year and, as evidenced by exhibits submitted in the lawsuit, had written letters to the video game company to make an arrangement so that the tattoos could be used in the game. Solid Oak offered to Take-Two a license to the tattoos for $1.1 million.

“It’s clear that they knew that this was something that was to be negotiated,” said Darren Heitner, whose firm, Heitner Legal, is co-representing the plaintiff.”


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