Chris Bosh to Dallas Mavericks Fan: “Shut Yo Ass Up, Take Yo Ass Home!” (Video)

chris bosh to dallas mavericks fan

Chris Bosh didn’t have his best game of his life in his home town of Dallas on Wednesday. While he did lead the Heat in scoring with 20 points, he only got there by shooting 10-for-23, and the rest of his game was pretty much non existent. The Boshtrich only grabbed four rebounds, and he was a -10 on the night.

In the end, though, the Heat prevailed over the Mavericks thanks to a strong second half performance by Dwyane Wade. And that apparently had Bosh feeling pretty frisky after the game, because when a Dallas Fan started giving Bosh a hard time, Bosh didn’t hesitate to give him an earful.

Take a look:

Hopefully the NBA won’t overreact to this incident. Players aren’t supposed to get into shouting matches with fans, but that was just a little playful ribbing.

Besides, the heckler in question was probably Mavs owner Mark Cuban. He’s been known to get a little salty.

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