Gronk Joins Buffalo Wing-Eating Contest, Cries And Snots All Over Himself (Video)

Gronk Hot Wings Booger

Hey! I think we found the one time that Gronk bein’ Gronk wasn’t completely charming and cute. The overgrown tween was involved in a Buffalo wing eating contest for Super Bowl weekend, and it appears that Rob Gronkowski, who’s got the weekend off, had a little trouble handling the flavor.

After just a couple of wings (or some deceiving time-lapse work), the Pats tight end had some trouble breathing and let his nose run all over himself. It’s worth noting that these were Buffalo Wild Wings wings, so it’s possible that they weren’t spicy at all, and he was just reacting to the quality of the wing.

Anyway, here he is. He’s more fun when he’s drunk:

Did he win? We don’t know. It was hard to stomach after about 30 seconds, so we bowed out gracefully. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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