Eddie Lacy Has Actually Gained 25 More Pounds Since Training Camp


Green Bay Packers husky RB Eddie Lacy and his weight has been a topic of conversation since he came in overweight to training camp. Cheeseburger Eddie is his name and nonstop eating is his running game. First report out of training camp is that his weight was at 234 and he somehow gained 25 more pounds throughout the season. Either the Packers lied about how much he actually weighed or Lacy ate treats on the sideline like Marshawn Lynch, just on a bigger level.

“The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel pegs Lacy’s weight as at least 25 pounds heavier than the 234 the Packers listed him as, or at least 259 pounds.”

“With the Packers reportedly wanting Lacy to lose 30 pounds, he may actually be north of 260. Lacy weighed 231 at the 2013 Combine before the Packers drafted him in the second round, and the team probably wants him down around that weight again.”

Packers coach Mike McCarthy has already publicly stated that Lacy can and will not play at the weight he did this past 2015 season, lose weight or else.

Put the burgers down, Eddie.

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