Peyton Manning Sex Scandal: Remember That Time The NFL Legend Was Accused Of Shoving His Bare Ass In A Woman’s Face?

peyton manning sex scandal

No athlete in America is as revered as Peyton Manning. Tom Brady was accused of letting some air out of some footballs and it just about blew the lid off the internet. Cam Newton started dancing when he scored touchdowns and people accused him of corrupting the youth of America. But when Peyton Manning was accused of taking HGH it was dismissed as false almost immediately.

Now, I’m not saying Manning did use HGH. I’m just saying he gets treated differently. And it’s pretty weird considering his past is not nearly as squeaky clean as people think.

As pointed out this week by an article on The Daily Beast, back in 1996, while still at the University of Tennessee, Peyton Manning was accused of sexual harassment by a female athletic trainer. According to the university’s investigation, the trainer was treating Manning’s foot in the locker room when he started asking her personal questions, including whether she “hangs out” with people she works with. When she rebuffed his advances, Manning pulled down his pants and mooned her at point blank range, putting his wholesome ass right up in her face.

This is not a matter of he said, she said. It happened. Manning insists he intended to moon his teammates in the locker room, not the trainer. And in his 2000 book, he called the trainer a “vulgar” woman and blamed the incident on the fact that women were allowed in the locker room. But the University of Tennessee agreed to a $300,000 settlement and punished Manning by taking away his dining privileges for two weeks. (Ouch.)

What’s the point of bringing all this up now? Well, the Daily Beast tries to connect the sex scandal to the HGH scandal by arguing that Peyton Manning reacts a certain way (i.e. with anger and indignation) when allegations against him are true. And, quite frankly, it’s a pretty silly argument. (At one point the article characterizes Manning as “nonplussed” over the HGH scandal. At another point it accuses him of “protesting way too much.”)

That said, this story does serve a useful purpose. Maybe the locker room incident was just a case of a brash youth who did something stupid without fully understanding the consequences. Maybe, as The Daily Beast argues, it reveals a darker, vindictive side to an American sports icon. But either way, it serves as a reminder that Peyton Manning is a real person who makes mistakes. We shouldn’t brush the HGH allegations under the rug simply because they might shatter our idyllic view of an NFL legend.

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