BREAKING: Peyton Manning Injured Doing Pregame Dab, Osweiler to Start Super Bowl 50

Peyton Manning dab injury

In a very unexpected turn of events, the Denver Broncos will turn to back-up quarterback Brock Osweiler when they take on the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50 after starter Peyton Manning injured himself while taking part in some pregame dabbing.

Before leaving the tunnel to take the field at Levi’s Stadium for warm-ups, Manning told CBS’s Tracy Wolfson that he wanted to prove to everyone that, even at the age of 39, he could still do everything that his SB 50 counterpart, Cam Newton, can do.

“Newton may be the league MVP, but how many Papa John’s restaurants does that dude own? I’m more marketable, I’m faster, I have a stronger arm…Heck, I can even dab better than him,” Manning said to Wolfson, before sprinting 30 yards through the tunnel towards the field.  And when he finally made it there, 5 minutes later, he walked to midfield, pointed at Cam, hit him with a dab, and threw out his back.

It was a sad scene on the field, as players from both teams huddled around while Manning was attended to.  He was eventually stretchered off the field, but not before throwing out his shoulder while attempting to give the crowd a thumbs-up.

Doctors say he’s currently being treated at the Santa Clara Retirement Home, where he’ll watch Super Bowl 50 while being bathed by his brother, Eli.

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