Here Are This Year’s Best Super Bowl Commercials (Video)

super bowl 50 best super bowl commercials

Technically this year’s Super Bowl wasn’t a blowout. Technically the Panthers were in the game until late in the fourth quarter. But that’s not how it felt. By the middle of the second quarter, it felt like there was no way the Panthers were going to win. And while there were a few exciting plays, large stretches of the game were pretty boring for casual fans.

Fortunately, this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials was pretty strong. Here’s a rundown of our favorites:

Hyundai: Kevin Hart Is Watching You

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Adobe Marketing Cloud: The Gambler

Buick: Emily Raajkowski OBJs It

Mountain Dew: All Hail PuppyMonkeyBaby

Shock Top: T.J. Miller Chats with Inanimate Objects

Avocados in Space

T-Mobile: Hotline Bling

NFL Domestic Violence PSA: Surprisingly Effective

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Amazon Echo: Alec Baldwin Burns Dan Marino While Jason Schwarzman Hits on Old Ladies

Pantene: NFL Players Do Their Daughters’ Hair…Shut Up I’m Not Crying You’re Crying

Bud Light Party: Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Make D*ck Jokes

Kia: The Walken Closet

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