Brazzers Live Streamed a Super Bowl Halftime Porn Show

Brazzers Halftime Show

Not a fan of Coldplay?  Rather see a bunch of hot naked girls getting it on with each other and a few lucky dudes while more hot naked chicks watch and provide their commentary?

If so, you would have benefitted from knowing that popular porn website Brazzers was live streaming their very own Super Bowl Halftime show, which featured men and women from the porn industry engaging in a massive live orgy while the show’s host went around the room to ask the naked audience about their thoughts on the show.

Brazzers product director Mario Nardstein had the following to say about what his company was calling “The ZZ Halftime Show”:

“The ZZ Halftime show is a fan-based initiative to thank both NFL and loyal Brazzers fans with free content during the Super Bowl. So, if you can’t score with Coldplay, at least you can score with Brazzers.”

Unfortunately, if you’re reading this now, you already missed the live stream of Brazzers’ halftime show. If you’re looking for somewhere to check out the replay, I suggest starting at the Brazzers website itself (which we’re not going to link because, well, you know why).

Hat Tip – [Daily Dot]

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