Broncos Safety T.J Ward: “They Want To Be Backup Dancers, We Want To Be Champions”



The talk of the NFL season once the world started to notice the Carolina Panthers was there dancing, dabbing, and celebrating. The Panthers made a bunch of enemies that way, but up until the Super Bowl, nobody could stop them from doing it (I know, ATL, but just rock with me). The Denver Broncos made damn sure to keep their dancing & dabbing to a minimum in route to a 24-10 win.

Denver broncos Safety, T.J. Ward had plenty to say after the game and let the Carolina Panthers have it:

“We don’t have to say nothing. We let them do all the talking. We let our pads talk. We talk with our helmets and our shoulder pads. They could do all the media talking, you know what I’m talking about? We’re not about that flashy stuff. We’re about that grind, putting in that work. Grind it. Work. That’s how you get the ‘ship,” safety T.J. Ward said. “They want to be famous. We want to be champions. They want to be rappers and backup dancers. We want to play football.”

T.J. Ward wasn’t the only one to speak up, CB Chris Harris had this to say:

“We knew that if we got the lead, it was over. Our defense is too good. They weren’t going to be able to come back. We knew Cam couldn’t travel 80 yards on us,” cornerback Chris Harris said. “We dared him to throw. The game plan was, can you throw on us? Me, [cornerback Aqib] Talib and [Bradley] Roby. We knew he couldn’t throw on us.”

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