Super Bowl 50 Twitter Reaction: Cam Newton Shown No Mercy

super bowl 50 twitter reaction cam newton

Super Bowl 50 did not go very well for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Newton was named the MVP of the NFL on Saturday, but on Sunday he was suffocated by the Denver Broncos defense, going just 18-for-41 with one interception and two fumbles forced by Super Bowl MVP Von Miller—both of which led to touchdowns.

Panthers fans were shell-shocked. Their team was 17-1 heading into the Superb Owl. They thought they were going to see Cam Newton dancing in the endzone. Instead they saw him sacked seven times for a loss of 68 yards.

Non-Panthers fans? Judging by the reaction on Twitter, they were quite happy to see Cam Newton get knocked down a peg. They showed the man no mercy.

Take a look:

They were especially harsh about that loose ball Cam decided not to go for:

The good news for Cam Newton fans? Haters always provide the best motivation.

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