If You Break the 40-Yard Dash Record at the NFL Combine, Adidas Will Give You $1 Million

40 yard dash

You might read that headline and think that this is an open call for anyone and everyone to attend the combine and win a million bucks by running a fast 40-yard dash. Nope. You’re not invited to the combine, and even if you were, you’re, in all likelihood, very, very slow.

But those that are invited to the scouting combine prior to the NFL Draft are all eligible.

Considering that players get faster and faster at almost every position every year, there’s a very good chance that someone could knock down the record and bag a million bucks from Adidas before they even get drafted.

Here’s Adidas’ very succinct announcement:

Chris Johnson, formerly of the Titans and now with the Cardinals, currently holds the record with a time of 4.24 seconds, set in 2008. That’s a long time for the record to stand, but it’s also a crazy-fast time.

A million bucks is a pretty good motivator to get candidates to work hard on their 40 times, especially those that are not projected to be early-round picks. The $1-million payout could very well be worth more than any contract they ever sign as an NFL player.

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