Hilarious Cubs-Yankees Twitter Feud Erupts for No Real Reason Whatsoever (Tweets)

cubs-yankees twitter feud

Every year when the Super Bowl is over, die-hard baseball fans turn their attention to spring training. (Which, at time of writing, starts in 8 days, 10 hours, and 47 minutes. Not that I’m counting.)

However, for most fans it takes a little more than the mere absence of football to get them thinking about the boys of summer in the middle of February. So maybe that’s why the Cubs and Yankees got into a little Twitter beef this week. Maybe they wanted to grab some headlines and get people talking about the national pastime.

It all started with one Tweet from a Yankees fan:

This got the attention of the Cubs, who responded with a poll:

That poll then got the Yankees’ attention:

And with that the Cubs-Yankees Twitter feud was on:

In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy…

Go baseball!

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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