Dortmund Fans Protest High Ticket Prices By Throwing Tennis Balls Onto Pitch (Video)

Dortmund fans protest tennis balls

There are plenty of ways to protest high ticket prices at sporting events.  One way, and perhaps the way which makes the most sense, would be to not show up at said sporting event.

Another way, which is apparently the preferred way in Dortmund, is to throw tennis balls onto the pitch.

Via The 42:

Dortmund supporters are being charged €19.50 for standing tickets and €38.50 for the cheapest seats, while a quarter of the tickets being charged to the away fans are as high as €70 not including advance booking and postage fees (€1 and €6 respectively).

And here’s how the Dortmund fan protest looked during today’s game against VfB Stuttgart:

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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