Check Out the Emotional Daniel Bryan Retirement Speech (Video)

daniel bryan retirement speech

On Monday, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan announced his sudden and very unexpected retirement via Twitter. Later that night on Raw, in a very emotional retirement speech, Bryan admitted that his early retirement was caused by repeated concussions over the course of his 16-year career.

The whole thing lasted 15 minutes and aired live on the USA network. However, the WWE released an edited version on YouTube that cut it down to five minutes while preserving the most salient parts:

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And here’s five more minutes of Bryan talking about his late father that didn’t make the WWE’s cut:

You have to hand it to the WWE. They have handled this situation incredibly well. Rather than sweeping this sad story under they rug, they decided to be open and honest about it. According to Gawker blog TMI, it was the WWE’s own doctor who refused to give Daniel Bryan clearance to return to the ring, even though his own doctors gave him the okay. Then, after Bryan finally accepted the writing on the wall, they gave him a heartwarming sendoff.

Can you imagine the NFL telling one of its biggest stars that, for the sake of his brain’s health, he should stop playing football? Can you imagine the NFL giving that player 15 minutes on live television to openly discuss his struggle with concussions the way the WWE did with Bryan?

Of course you can’t. It’s utterly inconceivable.

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