St. Louis Lawyer Bashes Rams Owner Stan Kroenke In Local Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

st. louis lawyer local super bowl commercial

Rams owner Stan Kroenke didn’t just pull his football team out of St. Louis. The dude set fire to the bridge on his way out of town, bashing the city and its fans in his official application for relocation so as to make Los Angeles seem like his only option.

Not surprisingly, the people of St. Louis did not appreciate being kicked while they were down. So they laid into Kroenke on Twitter, chanted “Kroenke sucks” at Blues games, and even sent the man a box of actual sh*t.

Now St. Louis’ most famous ambulance chaser is seeking to capitalize on all the pain and heartbreak. Terry Crouppen of personal injury law firm Brown & Crouppen bought a 30-second local ad during Super Bowl 50 and used it to rip Stan Kroenke a new one.

“I’m Terry Crouppen. You know my hometown, St. Louis. We were loyal to our football team. We bought their tickets, wore their jerseys, drank their overpriced beer. We cheered them year after losing year, and in return, they trashed us, then left us. Stan, you’re worth $8 billion dollars. That’s not enough? Well, here’s some free advice. Just because it’s legal and you’re rich enough to do it, that doesn’t make it right.

The ad was only seen in St. Louis, and Stan Kroenke is so cut off from the real world that he probably never saw it. But the people of St. Louis loved it, and that, of course, was the point.

Take a look:

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I have to say, that’s pretty awesome. You almost forget he’s talking about football and not something really important like education, or the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs.

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