Bernie Sanders Was Playing Basketball While Awaiting Results from the New Hampshire Primary (Video)

bernie sanders playing basketball new hampshire primary

When I first heard that Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders played basketball while awaiting the results of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, I was really hoping that we had a clip of the 74-year-old Vermont Senator making a shot, turning to the camera, and saying #feelthebern.

Farfetched, yes. But a man has to dream.

Of course, that’s obviously not what we have here. Bernie Sanders may be pretty cool for an old white dude, but when it comes to basketball he’s no Barack Obama. What we have here instead is a clip of Bernie Sanders shooting hoops with his grandkids, showing off his sweet Ray Allen-esque jumpshot.

Check it out:

Say what you want about Mr. Sanders’ politics, but at least he’s a real human being. You’d never see Donald Trump playing hoops with his grandkids. His hair can’t withstand that sort of activity.

Hat Tip – [NBC News]

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