Jason LaBabera Gets The Rock Painted on His Goalie Helmet, The Rock Approves (Pic)

the rock

Since Hollywood stars are really super-protective of their likenesses, maybe you thought that The Rock wouldn’t be too cool with Flyers goalie Jason LaBabera getting a picture of him painted on his helmet for all hockey fans to see, every game.

You’d be wrong. The Rock’s cool, and he’s totally down for it.

Here’s the very interesting helmet:

Yep, Jason LaBarbera is a huge wrestling and Rock fan… So a Rock tribute design painted in the team colors and created of rocks was a sure thing @philadelphiaflyers @therock @lehighvalleyphantoms @nhl #daveart #nhl #daveartairbrush #daveartthecradleofcreativity

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And the Rock, who’s known for firing off some serious speeches on social media, kept his approval to surprisingly few words:

It is a bummer that we couldn’t see The Rock get all pissed off, and then see LaBarbera show up with a Hello Kitty or Jetsons helmet the next night.

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