Allen Iverson On Curry: “That Light Skinned Dude Is Unreal.” (Audio)


The legend that is Allen Iverson defined a generation while he was in the NBA. He’s the sole reason why the NBA has a dress code right now. He did things his way and changed for no one and he was loved for it. Golden State Warriors G Stephen Curry is absolutely killing the game right now, his shooting and ball-handling skills are out of this world, so it’s natural to see social media arguments about who is better: Iverson or Curry.

Iverson was on SiriusXM NBA and he referred to himself as a ‘certified serial killer’ while he was in the NBA, but referred to Curry as ‘Unreal’.

“That light skinned dude…I never seen anything like this in my life, because I was a certified serial killer, but this dude has it all. He got the jumper, his handles is what it is. This dude right here is unreal.”

“That light skinned dude.

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