Kristen Wiig Dresses Up as Peyton Manning, Gets Interviewed by Jimmy Fallon (Video)

peyton manning

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon got the real Peyton Manning as a guest on his talk show, but on Thursday, audiences were treated to something even better…a fake Peyton Manning in the form of Kristen Wiig in a Broncos uniform.

Why? Because it’s funny. That’s why.

If you’re looking for a spot-on impersonation, look elsewhere. This is totally absurd and clueless, and it’s terrific. She can’t keep a straight face, and the only thing here that remotely resembles the QB is the haircut, which is pretty perfect.

Of course, Jimmy Fallon loses it throughout the bit, but Kristen Wiig’s complete oblivion and indifference to the line of questioning is what really makes this interview hum.

Take a look:

If only every Peyton Manning interview was this much fun.


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