The Broncos’ Parade Caused 24,000 Kids to Skip School

Denver Broncos Victory Parade

In a turn of events that’s so predictable that it barely qualifies as “news,” by throwing the Super Bowl parade during the week, during the day, in February, the Broncos incentivized a lot of school kids to play hooky to attend the party. Of the over 1 million people who attended, it’s estimated that 24,000 were kids who were supposed to be in school at that time.

Many of those kids were pulled for just a portion of the day by the parents themselves to attend, so it’s not like they all went completely rogue. Somewhat surprisingly, the 24,000 represents 26% of all Denver kids enrolled in public school.

Say what you want about their dedication to learning, but don’t say that Denver kids aren’t good football fans. Because we’ve got the numbers to back that up.

Hat Tip – [Denver Post]

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