Chris Harris: “Von Miller Has A Ring, Not Watt; He Should Be Paid More” (Video)

If you frequent social media sites like Twitter & Facebook, then I’m sure you’ve seen the argument: Player A is better because he has a ring and Player B doesn’t. Dumbest argument in the history of the arguments. Denver Broncos CB Chris Harris pretty much just said the same thing while speaking with Lindsay Rhodes on NFL Total Access.

Lindsey: “Does Von(Miller) deserve to be the highest paid defensive player in the league?”

Chris Harris: “Easy”

Lindsey: “Is it easy? JJ Watt’s pretty good.”

Chris Harris: “JJ Watt doesn’t have a ring, Von has a ring.”

I get it. You’re trying to pump your boy up and Von Miller is no doubt a beast, but JJ Watt is on another level.


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