Why Was Johnny Manziel Hanging Out with Louie Anderson for Valentine’s Day? (Pic)

anderson manziel

Amid the very serious trouble that Johnny Manziel finds himself in these days, he seems to have kept a low profile for the past week or so. But this weekend, the newly-single(?) Manziel spent some time near his hometown at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in Texas, and found himself in the company of Louie Anderson.

It’s an odd combo, and it forces people to wonder if they hung out beyond the obligatory Twitter selfie. It also makes me wonder if Manziel knew who Louie Anderson was, or if Anderson had to explain it to him. Anyway, it seems to me that spending time with Louie Anderson at a rural resort is a much better alternative than partying in big cities, so maybe this is Johnny trying to turn things around.

Let’s not hold our breath, though.

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