Jordan Kilganon Dunked at the All-Star Game in Jeans and Impressed EVERYONE (Video)


Sure, Jordan Kilganon isn’t an NBA player. He’s a YouTube star that has starred in countless videos that show him dunking like crazy. And he puts on a good enough show that the league is not going to let a little thing like his not being an NBA player keep him from dunking at the All-Star game.

So not only did he appear in Toronto, but he did so wearing jeans, which I took as sort of a big middle finger to the players who couldn’t complete these dunks in basketball gear.

Take a look:

Ok. That’s awesome. I wouldn’t be against allowing the best two at-large (Non-NBA players) get into the All-Star game to keep things fresh. Though I’m pretty sure the league isn’t really looking to change things up after Saturday’s legendary contest.

You can check out Jordan’s array of insane dunks here.

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