TMZ Paid $100K for the Ray Rice Elevator Assault Video


It’s been over a year since the Ray Rice domestic violence video served as the most prominent example of NFL players committing domestic violence acts, and the league has been a different place ever since. The ensuing cover-up, an anti-domestic violence charity that many feel is a hollow response, and a commissioner who addressed the incident by talking in nonsensical circles, has made many die-hard fans turn skeptical of the league’s front office and values.

So when it was revealed recently that gossip site TMZ spent $100,000 to buy two videos of the incident, it seems like a hell of a bargain to get people talking about this, and putting a visual to the description of events. They didn’t buy the video itself, but rather a security person’s cell phone video of a security monitor at the casino where the assault took place.

TMZ might be a pretty sleazy organization about 90% of the time, but occasionally, their own self-interest does overlap with the public good.

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