Dallas Mavericks Will Host a Redhead Night on March 9th (Tweet) | Total Pro Sports
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Dallas Mavericks Will Host a Redhead Night on March 9th (Tweet)

by: Penn Collins On  Tuesday, February 16, 2016
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The Dallas Mavericks aren’t exactly hurting for ticket sales, but that won’t stop them from getting a little gimmicky when it comes to less-than-stellar opponents. For instance, on March 9th, when the Pistons come to town, the Mavs are extending a special deal to redheads (gingers, if you will) that includes a discounted ticket, a McDonald’s meal voucher, and some other crap like a photobooth and a t-shirt.

It says the tickets are available to redheads, their family, and friends, so it’s likely they’re not going to be strict in the administration of this deal to redheads.

I guess there might be a stronger McDonald’s tie-in here than we’re led to believe, but discounted tickets are discounted tickets.

And, hey, this weird family might be there, too:

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