Here Are All 32 NFL Teams As Cars (Pics)

Every NFL team has a certain reputation. Some teams are known as perennial winners, others perennial losers. Some teams are known for their dynamic offense, others for their stifling defense. Some teams are known for their crazy fans, others for their legendary quarterback. You get the idea.

Over the last few years, graphic designers have used these reputations to come up with creative re-imaginings of NFL team logos. Remember NFL logos as corporate logos? Or NFL logos as Family Guy characters? Or my personal favorite, NFL logos as penises?

Today we have a slightly different take on this trend: NFL teams as cars. It comes to us from the folks over at CJ Pony Parts. They put together this infographic right before the Super Bowl, but we didn’t come across it until now.

To be perfectly honest, at first I thought this sounded kind of stupid. But it turned out to be pretty damn awesome.

Take a look… If some of those comparisons were lost on you, there’s a complete rundown of all the car-NFL team pairing on the CJ Pony Parts blog. Definitely check it out.

What’s your favorite?

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