Duke Fan Tricks UNC Fans into Saying Nice Things About Duke Players (Video)

duke prank 2

It’s rivalry week in the NCAA, which means that we get our first face-off of Duke and UNC this season. And with that matchup come countless pranks to show up the other side. This time around, we’ve got a Duke fan dressing up in UNC gear, then interviewing UNC students about “former UNC greats” like Christian Laettner, Brandon Ingram, and Grayson Allen.

If you recognized those names as Duke players, and not UNC players, then congratulations…you passed this guy’s test.

Take a look:

Are you sure the sunlight isn’t going to kill that guy or at least sear his skin? Seems like this prank is better conducted indoors.

To be fair to the UNC fans, I wouldn’t expect random students to know former players from Duke. In fairness to the guy pranking them, it’s rivalry week, and they should have been on their toes.

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