Noted Domestic Abuser Floyd Mayweather Disapproves of Manny Pacquiao’s Homophobic Remarks (Video)

floyd mayweather rips manny pacquiao over homophobic remarks

You know how Manny Pacquiao went on the local news in the Philippines and said gay people are “worse than animals“? Well, as you can imagine, that upset a lot of people. And ironically, but not surprisingly, one of them is Floyd Mayweather.

It’s ironic that Mayweather would take a moral stand against Pacquiao’s comments because Floyd is not exactly a paragon of virtue. The guy has been formally accused of domestic violence by five different women, and he served time in prison for one of those. Also, he’s never exactly shied away from racist and homophobic slurs.

But it’s not surprising that Mayweather would speak out against Pacquiao’s anti-gay comments. Even though Mayweather is officially retired, he never passes up an opportunity to burn the guy who was once the only other boxer on earth with a legitimate claim to the pound-for-pound throne. When TMZ ran into Mayweather in New York on Tuesday, there was never any doubt that he would throw shade on Manny.

Take a look:

This was not the first time that Floyd has expressed his support for the gay and lesbian community. Last year he ripped protege Adrian Broner for making homophobic insults, and way back in 2012 Floyd publicly declared his support for gay marriage:

But like I already said, Mayweather’s progressive stance on gay marriage is pretty much negated by his proclivity for beating up the women he sleeps with. Let’s not go giving the guy any medals.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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