Montee Ball’s Girlfriend Describes How He Threw Her Through A Table


This is highly disturbing and possibly a career ender for the former 1st round pick if the allegations are proven to be true. Just days before Super Bowl 50, Montee Ball was arrested on a felony battery charge after an apparent dispute with his girlfriend.

His former girlfriend details what happened in the released police report:

According to the police report from the Madison (Wisc.) PD, Ball, a 25-year-old running back out of the University of Wisconsin, grew angry with his girlfriend and hurled her through a table during an argument the couple had in their hotel room at the Hampton Inn and Suites on Feb. 5. The incident led to his eventual arrest, but it may not have been the first time the running back hit his girlfriend. The police report was first published by on Wednesday.

According to the report, Ball and his girlfriend had had an argument about his late-night habits. Ball’s girlfriend said that he had arrived at the hotel room that night “intoxicated” and “upset.”
“(Victim) stated to me that she knew something like this was going to happen and that she was fearful for what might happen,” the report read. “While she was retreating further back into the bedroom toward the bed furthest from the door, (victim) stated that she told Ball, ‘You’re scaring me.’ Victim further advised that she was previously in an abusive relationship and she was able to see signs of what could happen.”
According to the report, Ball responded by saying “I understand why your old boyfriend put his hands on you. I’m having a hard time not putting my hands on you now.”
Moments later, Ball allegedly threw his girlfriend through a table. She was treated by medics at the scene that day. The report mentions that she had a bump on the back of her head, and a cut that required bandaging on her right leg. She also complained of dizziness and needed to be taken from the hotel on a stretcher.
Expect every NFL team stay far away until this thing is resolved. Montee may have gotten himself into a Ray Rice situation, only time will tell.

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