Old Rumors About Peyton Manning Affair and Open Marriage Resurface in Wake of Old Sexual Assault Allegations

peyton manning affair open marriage

It’s pretty strange that, after years and years of worshiping Peyton Manning and buying into his wholesome family man image, people are trying to tear it down now. Right when he’s about to retire.

Don’t get me wrong, if the old sexual assault allegations are true, we certainly need to revise the Peyton Manning narrative.

It’s just the timing that’s weird. The sexual assault allegations have been public knowledge for years. Why did the New York Daily News do a whole story on it now? Because of the HGH allegations? Hardly.

The answer, obviously, is that scandal sells. And if it turned out that a hero like Peyton Manning is actually a giant douchebag, that would be a huge scandal.

Now people are even dusting off old, unsubstantiated rumors about alleged Peyton Manning affairs and feeding them to Terez Owens like they’re newly discovered.

Earlier this week Terez Owens reported a rumor that Manning had a longstanding affair with Indianapolis weather reporter Angela Buchman from 2009-2011, and that Peyton and his wife Ashely Manning put Buchman on their payroll to keep her quiet.

This is Buchman:

Angela Buchman indianapolis anchorwoman peyton manning rumor

Terez Owens also reported another “tip” they received that Ashley also cheats on Peyton, because—are you ready for this?—they have an open marriage.

The thing is, these rumors have been around for ages. (For example, here’s somebody talking about it on a message board back in 2013.) And there is absolutely no proof they are true. Which is why they never went anywhere the first time. But now that more people seem to be on board with trashing Peyton Manning’s legacy, people are bringing them up again.

Again, I’m not for covering up the truth. But maybe we all need to take a deep breath and relax.

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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