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Of Course There’s a Dating Site for Alabama Fans

by: Penn Collins On  Friday, February 19, 2016

Alabama Fan Dating Site

If, for some reason, you’re an Alabama fan who’s not living a fairytale life with your Prince or Princess Charming, there’s hope for you still. Some folks saw single Alabama fans as a deep enough market to roll out bamameetup.com, an online dating site for Alabama fans.

The site comes from the same braintrust that gave us BBNmeetup.com for Kentucky fans, so it appears that they’ve found a business model that works for them.

It’s billed as a site for Alabama sports fans, but come on, that’s what message boards are for. The only time you ever want to meet anyone in person these days is for sex.

Here’s a Tweet with the auspicious news:

Buckle up, indeed.”