Jets Beat Writer Shares Racist Letter She Got From Reader After Writing Cam Newton Article

The 2015 NFL season will probably be looked at as the year Cam Newton danced, dabbed, and received letters from opposing fans because of it. His dancing in Tennessee prompted a mom to write a letter about how her daughter was distraught watching him thrust his pelvis, so she diverted her attention to the half naked cheerleaders instead. 2nd letter was from a Seahawks fan upset that Cam threw their 12’s flag on the ground and it somehow disrespected the many homeless people and children who have cancer. Big leap there.

This offseason letter was sent to a New York Jets beat writer and this has to be the worst one yet. Racist is an understatement. Here’s a letter sent to Jets beat writer for Newsday, Kimberley A. Martin, in response to a recent article about Newton:




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