Report Suggests Off-Duty Cops May Have Started Altercation With LeSean McCoy’s Entourage


It’s been a few weeks since the cell phone footage of Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy & his crew was released of them allegedly stomping out some off-duty police officers. Sources said LeSean was due to have charges brought against him, but so far, nothing has happened. We may have just found out why due to recent reports stating the cops may have started the entire thing to begin with.

A Buffalo News report suggests that McCoy might end up getting off without being charged as a result of it:

This is what happened, according to a person close to McCoy and familiar with the situation who spoke to The News but not for attribution.

The off-duty cops and McCoy’s group had encountered each other earlier in the evening at a different establishment.

McCoy and his friends were at the Reserve, a bar and restaurant also located in Old City Philadelphia, on the night of Saturday, Feb. 6.

The three off-duty officers also happened to be there, but there was no interaction between the two groups.

While at the Reserve, McCoy and his friends spent some time talking with three to five women who were together. McCoy and his friends then told the women they were “bored” and were leaving to attend a concert, but that they eventually would end up at Recess Lounge if the women wanted to join them there.

One or more of the women also interacted with the off-duty officers at the Reserve, the source said.

Later, in the night or early morning, McCoy’s group, the women and the off-duty officers all ended up at the Recess.

The women joined McCoy and his friends at a table.

The three off-duty policemen were at a different table.

A member of McCoy’s group ordered two $350 bottles of champagne. A cake with sparklers also was delivered to McCoy’s table for the birthday of one of the women.

Butler walked over to McCoy’s table, and grabbed a bottle of champagne that the police officer believed was ordered for their table, the source said.

Porter then confronted Butler, and the two began fighting.

When McCoy saw that Butler had his hands around Porter’s neck, the source said, McCoy jumped in and threw a punch at Butler that missed.

McCoy was pulled away, and the fight continued, involving several people, the source said, while the running back watched from the side as security guards broke up the fight. The source said security guards suggested that McCoy leave the club “to avoid this whole public exposure.”

H/T – Buffalo News

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