D-III College Baseball Umpire Takes Field on Hoverboard, Is Obviously Cool Dude (Video)

hoverboarding umpire college baseball umpire takes field on hoverboard

As modes of transportation, hoverboards are dangerous and stupid. As novelties for making mundane sports tasks more entertaining, they are totally awesome.

A couple weekends ago we saw Orlando Magic mascot, Stuff the Magic Dragon (see what they did there?), hold the ball for Aaron Gordon while spinning around on a hoverboard at the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. And it was awesome.

Today we’ve got a Division III college baseball umpire taking the field for a Johns Hopkins Blue Jays intra-squad game on a hoverboard. And it, too, was awesome.

Take a look:


Originally the video was on the Johns Hopkins baseball team’s Twitter feed. But for some reason they deleted it about 15 minutes ago. (Seriously, the Tweet was there when I started writing this post.) In addition to deleting the video for some unknown reason, the JHU baseball team has also clarified that the umpire was not actually umpiring from the hoverboard:

Damn, Johns Hopkins, why you gotta be so lame? Lighten up and let us have a little fun.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]


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