Frat Hockey Team Gets Hit with an Awesome List of Violations (Pic)

phi delt

It’s actually hard to tell if this disappointed-but-not-angry letter is directed at two separate teams, or the opposing team was just copied on a reprimand to their opponent. I like to think that both teams had a hand in these infractions, so please let me keep thinking that.

Phi Delt squared off against some team called “League of Shadows” (awesome name, btw), and apparently the team, or teams, amassed a pretty great roster of infractions.

Rather than call them all out, I’ll let the powers that be in the intramural league of this anonymous Northeastern university do the explaining:




I don’t really have issue with many of these. The dip spit on the ground is pretty foul, but everything else sounds about par for the course, especially the simulated fighting. I think frat leagues were created to simulate fights, so you should let the kids at least have that one.

Hat Tip – [TotalFratMove]

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