Johnny Manziel’s Cabo Vacation Included Hundreds of Condoms, Bikini-Clad Girls, $2,500/Night Villa

Johnny Manziel Cabo

Forget about the Gronk party cruise.  I want to go on the Johnny Manziel Cabo vacation!

According to reports from Daily Mail, Manziel embarked on his six-day Cabo vacation with four other friends just a week after being accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley.  The boys arrived at the Mexican vacation destination via a private jet and they stayed in a five-bedroom villa that set them back about $2,500 per night.

Joining Manziel and his friends was a private butler, hundreds of condoms, and many bikini-clad women.  Witnesses say there were so many condoms that they were eventually being blown up like balloons and tossed around the villa.  As for the ladies, there was said to be as many as 15 chilling by the pool at times.

One of those ladies is Canadian Kara Vaninetti, who posted this pic from Manziel’s villa on Twitter:

Unfortunately, all vacations must eventually come to an end. And when this one concluded, there was said to be quite the mess left behind. But who can blame them? If you just finished spending $2,500/night on a villa and paid for a butler on top of that, you probably wouldn’t be interested in cleaning up after yourself either.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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