Diamondbacks Pitcher Josh Collmenter Teaches Physics to His Teammates (Video)

josh collmenter physics lesson diamondbacks clubhouse

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Josh Collmenter stood up in front of his teammates yesterday and taught them about physics. And I don’t just mean, like, the physics of baseball. I mean he brought in a dry erase board and various other props and gave a formal lecture covering such concepts as gravitational lensing and Einstein’s general relativity.

Why? Boredom, really.

According to the Arizona Republic, Collmenter and some teammates were sitting around the clubhouse over the weekend and got to talking about history, at which point Collmenter decided to share some of the fancy book-learnin’ he picked up at Central Michigan University, which is often regarded as the MIT of Central Michigan.

“We were sitting around talking about some history stuff and (I was) like, ‘I’m just going to start teaching you guys things,'” Collmenter explained. “We just pick random topics and if anyone has a suggestion we’ll talk about that. It’s not always going to be as in-depth as this, but it sort of expounded upon what we did the first day. I think tomorrow’s lesson will be a little more, not so practical, but a little more lighthearted I think.”

Collmenter said his classes are open to anyone on the team, but because all the other players actually have shit to do, it’s been mostly pitchers thus far.

If you’re a Diamandbacks fan, you’d better hope Collmenter stays away from philosophy. The last thing you need is pitchers overthinking things out there on the mound.

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