Tom Brady Text to Julian Edelman: “Everyone F*cking Hates Us, Let’s Win It All Next Year”

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm that this story is 100 percent true.  It may have happened.  It may not have happened.  But for now, let’s just assume that it did take place, because it’s pretty awesome.

As the story goes, one dude met Julian Edelman during Super Bowl weekend, and he was with the Patriots wide receiver when Tom Brady was being booed by the fans at Levi’s Stadium while being introduced during the pregame ceremony for past Super Bowl MVPs.

Here’s how it went down (via Barstool Sports):

“At some point, and this is where this blog becomes the certifiable stuff of sports talk radio, someone brought up how Brady responded to the boos at the Superbowl. If you don’t know, or didn’t watch, they called out all the Superbowl MVPs and when Brady came out they booed the hell out of him. Then Edelman gets out his phone and reads a text from Tom mother-bleeping Brady. His face got all serious and all the rumors that Edelman would kill someone for Brady seem to materialize. He said that he took it VERY personally and then read the text:

“‘Everyone fucking hates us. Let’s win it all next year.‘”

Making Tom Brady mad is probably the last thing that Tom Brady haters want to do, unless they’re trying to motivate him to go out and win another Super Bowl next season.

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